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Is Foreign Language Preparatory Program compulsory?

If students who are registered in Marmara University’s 100% German, French and English-medium departments, and 30% English-medium departments cannot get a pass grade from Foreign Language Proficiency Test (MUYYES-Fall) which is administered by School of Foreign Languages (YADYO) or they cannot show evidence of their language proficiency with exams listed below, they have to attend the Preparatory Program according to their departments’ foreign language.

Is there a Preparatory program for Arabic-medium departments?

Yes. The Arabic Preparatory Program is carried out by the Faculty of Theology.

How many years does the Preparatory Education last?

Preparatory education lasts 1 (one) year. At the end of this year, students who cannot succeed in the Marmara University Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (MUYYES-Spring) continue their education with summer school –if it is opened- and take MUYYES-Summer or MUYYES-Fall which is administered at the beginning of the next academic year.  


What is Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (MUYYES) which is administered by School of Foreign Languages (YADYO)?

MUYYES is the exam administered by the School of Foreign Languages and assesses English, German or French language proficiency.


What is the content of the German Proficiency Exam?

The German Proficiency Exam (MÜYYES-Fall) has two stages. In the first stage, students’ listening and reading comprehension skills are assessed. The listening comprehension part consists of chart completion, true and false selection and note-taking question types related to three different listening texts.

In the second stage, students’ writing and speaking skills are assessed. The writing exam consists of two parts; in the first part students are expected to correct 10 mistakes in a letter and in the second part they are expected to write an essay.

The speaking exam, being parallel to TestDaF exam format, is an applied exam during which students speak in front of the computers in our school’s computer labs. Questions include the situations that students experience in their campus lives. In this way, students’ spoken expression skills which are congruent with the target level (B2.1) are assessed.


What is the content of French Proficiency Exam?

The French Proficiency (MUYYES-Fall) Exam is not multiple choice and it is at the level of DELF B2.1.

In the first stage of the exam, there are 2 reading passages and questions to assess reading comprehension. In the listening comprehension part, there are 2 listening texts and their questions.

In the second stage, there is firstly a writing exam and then a speaking exam which is carried out by commissions each of which consists of 2 instructors.  


What is the content of the English Proficiency Exam?

Please click for English Proficiency Exam Samples  (link)


How many times is MUYYES administered a year?

MUYYES is administered four times a year – MUYYES-Fall, MUYYES-Winter, MUYYES-Spring and MUYYES-Summer (in case summer school is open)


Which MUYYES do students who make new registrations take?

They take MUYYES-Fall.

Do students whose departments are Turkish-medium take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (MUYYES)?

No. If students of Turkish-medium departments want to be exempt from the compulsory language class, they take the Compulsory Foreign Language Exemption exam which is administered by their department.


What is the pass grade for the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam?

The Pass grade for MUYYES is 60.

Students who cannot get a score of 60 are placed in German, French or English Preparatory Program according to their department and their language level which is specified in the exam. 


What is the date and venue of MUYYES- Fall which will be administered in 2017-2018 academic year?

Exam Dates:

German: 6 September 2017

French: 6-7 September 2017

English: 7 September 2017

(Exam hours and classes will be announced on the website (  of the School of Foreign Languages )


Exam Venue: 

Marmara University Göztepe Campus/ İstanbul


In case of missing MUYYES-Fall, do I have a chance to take a make-up exam?

There is no opportunity to take make-up exams of proficiency exams.


What is a placement exam? Is it compulsory to take it?

This is an exam to specify the proficiency level of students who were not successful in MUYYES-Fall exam and get their preparatory education accordingly. It is compulsory to take the proficiency exam for students who have taken MUYYES-Fall. As there is no transfer between levels throughout the academic year, it is vital for students to answer the questions if they know the answer and not to guess to specify their actual language levels.


What parts does the English placement exam consist of?

The Proficiency exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions and aims at assessing reading and listening comprehension.


Which resources can I benefit from to prepare for Foreign Language Proficiency and Placement Exams?

Students can benefit from TOEFL, CAE, FCE, PTE or any book for English proficiency exams for English, TestDaF and Goethe-Zertifikat Deutsch B2 for German, and DELF exam preparation books for French.


Is there a chance to skip the preparatory class without taking the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam?

Our students need to get the required scores from international exams whose equivalence is accepted by our university. Foreign Language Scores taken within the last two years are accepted:


- TestDaF: 3x4=12

- Goethe Zertifikat B2: 60


- DELF B2: 50





Please check the link below:

Is the certificate of achievement from another university’s preparatory class enough to be exempt from Marmara University’s Preparatory Class? 

No, it is not. Students who were successful in another higher education institution’s preparatory class are required to take Marmara University’s Foreign Language Proficiency Exam or get a required grade from an international exam whose equivalence is accepted by our university.


Is class attendance compulsory in the Preparatory Program?

Yes. Students of Preparatory School have to attend to a minimum of 85% of the classes. In case of illness, students should hand in their medical report obtained from a state hospital together with a written petition to the student affairs office. The YADYO administration board decides on the students’ exemption.


What happens if I fail due to absenteeism in Preparatory Program?

Students who fail due to absenteeism are considered unsuccessful, cannot attend classes and cannot take MUYYES-Spring and other MUYYES exams within the semester. They can attend summer school –if it is opened- and take MUYYES-Summer and/or take MUYYES-Fall in the following academic year.


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