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1.    Having the books and materials during the class time. Coming to class with photocopied books may bring about disciplinary as well as judicial action by law.

2.    Completing assignments and studies which are specified in the syllabus on time.

3.    Completing Performance Portfolio tasks on time, keeping a neat file and handing in the file within the dates the instructor determines.

4.    Participating in in-class activities effectively.

5.    Each student is required to do online studies for a minimum of 10 hours weekly, besides in-class hours specified in the program. These study hours are an integrated part of the total syllabus and they are included in the specified study hours for helping students reach to the anticipated level at the end of the academic year. It is extremely difficult for students who do not fulfil these responsibilities to pass MUYYES-Spring Proficiency Exam at the end of the preparatory education. To exemplify, for a student who starts his/her preparatory education at level A, weekly lesson hours are specified as 24 hours of face-to-face in-class education and a 10-hour online study as a total of 34 hours and included in preparatory education curriculum in this way. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the specified total lesson hours and is a prerequisite to be successful in the exams.

6.    Note: Our students can use our computers by getting an appointment from Lab1 which is located on the ground floor of Ord. Prof. Dr. Nihad Sayar Building

7.    All students are obliged to read and comprehend the Student Discipline Regulations on the website and behave according to the regulations. Disciplinary investigation is started as per related article when students behave contrary to the regulations.

8.    Cheating in any way, copying information as it is from the internet or other resources may bring about disciplinary action. An official report is written and his/her department is notified when a student’s attempt of this kind is identified with evidence and their exams are cancelled and disciplinary investigation may follow.

9.    Please visit our website frequently. All new information is presented and announcements are made on website address.


We wish you success in your education life.

English Education Coordination Office and Curriculum Committee




1) Health Services

“Medico Social Centres” provide health services for our students as well as our academic and administrative personnel and their dependent family members. Besides the headquarters which is located in Göztepe Campus, we have other Medico-social centres in Acıbadem, Anadolu Hisarı, Nişantaşı ve Bahçelievler Campuses.

In our centres, dermatology experts, family practitioner experts, practitioners and other health personnel provide medical services. At our Göztepe Medico-Social Centre, biochemistry laboratory, X-ray, dentistry, treatment and medical dressing, psychological counselling and guidance, and diet unit services are provided. The problems presented by the students and personnel who apply to the related health units are first evaluated by the polyclinic doctors, who make the first diagnosis and treatment; if necessary the patient is transferred to hospital.


2) Culture and Sports Services

The Culture and Sports Branch which exists under the purview of the head of department runs the businesses of administration of the related Culture Centre and gyms, keeping track of and finalizing correspondences of social, cultural, and academic events which will take place on our university’s campus, enabling the participation of our students in socio-cultural activities and sports competitions  among universities, and tracking and finalizing the inspection, foundation, update and activity documents of our university’s student club. 

Within our directorate, there are four culture centres which include Dr. İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall (with a 224-seat capacity) and Institute Building Conference Hall (with a 142-seat capacity) located at the Göztepe Campus; Ord. Prof. Dr. Reşat Kaynar Conference Hall (with a 350-seat capacity) located in Haydarpaşa Campus; Ord. Prof. Dr. Nihat Sayar Conference Hall (with a 200-seat capacity)  located at the Sultanahmet Campus as well as 125. Yıl Amphitheatre (an open-air amphitheatre with 315-person capacity) at the Göztepe Campus.


In the sports hall that is connected to the Health, Culture and Sports Department of the University, there is a seating capacity of 643 with a full capacity of 2000. There are also three additional halls for gymnastics, basketball and multi-purposes, a classroom for 35 people, a music studio, a fitness hall, a table tennis hall, one outdoor tennis court, one outdoor basketball court and one volleyball court.

There are free culture and sport activities for our students at the weekend. These activities consist of Turkish folk music, Turkish music, drama, cultural courses in folk dances, basketball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, tennis, dance, fitness, Tae-Bo and mountain climbing.

Not only can our students and personnel benefit from our sports hall which is located in Göztepe Campus but they can also participate in tournaments of basketball (Women’s and Men’s) , Volleyball (Women’s and Men’s), Football (Women’s and Men’s), table tennis and chess which are organized as a part of Traditional Rectorate Cup Competitions.


3) Nutrition and Food Services:

Approximately 10-11000 students eat at our dining halls which are located on all our campuses- the Bahçelievler, Nişantaşı, Tarabya, Beyazıt, Anadolu Hisarı, Haydarpaşa, Şişli, Bağlarbaşı, Kartal, Acıbadem, and Hospital Campuses. The bid for catering was made in December and a fixed menu of four dishes was purchased from the catering company. On these campuses both lunch and an evening meal are provided for the evening education. In total, the number of people eating at these campuses is around 1,900,000. This is equal to 9-10000 students a day. All duties related to food services that are offered on the campuses are carried out by university personnel, from the service to inspection. In order to create a clean and hygienic environment the cafeterias were painted in summer, and the wooden benches in the student cafeterias were removed, being replaced by Bürosit brand armchairs. The food provided by the catering firm is made in the kitchens on the Göztepe Campus, while on other campuses the food is made by the personnel in the company’s kitchen. The prepared food is brought to the campuses in thermo-boxes that retain heat and keep out air.

The prepared food that is brought to the campuses is distributed at the service hour. The food is kept warm and fresh in the ovens that are on the food service floors. Renovation of the depots was carried out to create a deep freeze storage area for frozen goods. The hours of food service have been determined by the Head Office, taking into account the lunch hour.


4)  Student Information Processing Centre

The Student Information Processing Centre started to operate in 2007 and provides students and academics with internet service with 120 computers at the Göztepe Campus. In order to reduce equipment and programme problems to a minimum level and to provide the necessary technical support service quickly, starting from 2007-2008 academic year, the administrative responsibility of the Student Information Centre has been carried out by the Department of Information Technology.


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