MYM Platform

 (Marmara University School of Foreign Languages Moodle Platform)


  • The MOODLE program which is prepared using technological facilities in Foreign Language Education for the purpose of distance learning has been put into service under the name of MYM (Marmara University Foreign Languages Moodle Platform).
  • Content created for the benefit of students who get their language education at the School of Foreign Languages is open for use on the website link: .
  • The online platform which is planned for the benefit of students and instructors in English, German, French and Turkish for Foreigners Preparatory Programs uses the infrastructure of MOODLE which is open-source software. 
  • Students who get their English language education and who cannot get a pass grade at the end of their first academic year in our preparatory school can benefit from MYM.
  • The School of Foreign Languages Moodle Platform (MYM) is compatible with mobile devices and our registered users can access the program from all devices with Internet connections.
  • Student who register on the MYM platform can follow vocabulary exercises, reading and listening activities in a non-spatial way for supporting their studies.
  • Users can use the computers in our computer laboratories at Marmara University School of Foreign Languages and continue their studies without interruption by using the wireless internet connection on our campus without paying any data charge on their mobile devices.  

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