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The Objectives of the English Preparatory School:


The objective of the foreign language preparatory program is to enable students to follow English-medium classes and publications in their fields of study, to contribute to their acquisition of skills in order to take part in academic activities and use communication skills needed in their social lives.

The objective of Marmara University English Preparatory School’s education for students who have registered in English-medium departments is to help students’ acquisition and development of the four main language skills to minimum B1.2 level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The education program at the Foreign Languages Preparatory School consists of student-centred and modern approach-based lessons, online studies, assignments and projects.

In order to improve students’ four main language skills, the lesson hours which last for a year in the English Preparatory School are planned as follows:


Weekly in-class

Lesson hours

Online studies/

Projects / Assignments



 Program A

24 hours

10 hours

34 hours

 Program B

20 hours

10 hours

30 hours

 Program C

16 hours

10 hours

26 hours

 Program D (Associate Degree)

16 hours

10 hours

26 hours

Compulsory Attendance in English Preparatory School:

In foreign language preparatory school program, class attendance with a minimum rate of 85% is obligatory. Exemption from absences is possible only in case of unavoidable circumstances.  Students are required to notify the Unit in case of absences due to unavoidable circumstances, such as illness, accompanied by a medical report from a state hospital and a written petition. The Unit Administration Board decides on students’ exemption.

In the preparatory school’s classes, students who fail due to absenteeism are considered unsuccessful and are not entitled to attend classes and sit the MUYYES- Spring exam. Such students may continue with summer school and/or resit all MUYYES exams in the following academic year.


The Monitoring of Class Attendance

Students who are not able to attend a class due to any reason are registered as absent in the attendance lists. There is no exception to this situation.

Instructors do not have the authority or right to show the student present in the attendance list. Instructors must act according to the regulations. Do not argue with the instructors about this issue.

Students have to pay attention to the days and hours in case lessons’ hour and day change due to any reason (weather conditions, the instructor’s illness, etc.) or if there is a make-up class separate from lesson hours.


The Absence of the Instructor

If the instructor does not arrive at the class within the first 15 minutes of the class, the students are required to inform the Administration (Student Affairs or Unit Secretary) about the situation. In such cases, students are informed by the Administration and their attendance is taken. The students who are absent while the attendance is taken are recorded as absent. The make-up lessons to make up for that day’s classes are determined and announced by the instructor.


Providing Class Materials

Marmara English Preparatory Program has an intensive program and includes an intensive foreign language education which varies according to the number of lesson hours and levels. The course books, materials, online programs and other supplementary materials are specified by our School of Foreign Languages in advance. For lessons to be taught efficiently and successfully, it is obligatory for our students to get the course books and other supplementary materials assigned by our School of Foreign Languages. The required books need to be bought within the first days of the course. The instructors will inform the students about this topic. Students are advised not to buy anything without getting information from our instructors. According to the copyright law, using pirated books or copying original books without permission requires penal sanction. Pirated books do not have the online exercise activities that are included in the total score average; this negatively affects our students’ scores which are received during the academic year.


The Duration of English Preparatory Program and Failure

Preparatory school education lasts for 1 (one) year. At the end of the year, all students who have achieved an average score of minimum 60 and who have not failed due to absenteeism have the right to sit the Marmara University proficiency exam (MUYYES-Spring) which is administered in June. Students who fail the MUYYES-Spring can continue to attend Summer School or sit MUYYES-Fall at the beginning of the next academic year. 

Students who have failed can take the MUYYES (proficiency) exams administered by Marmara University School of Foreign Languages in the following year. Alternatively, they can certify their language proficiency with a document whose equivalence is accepted by YADYO regulations. When students of 30% and 100% English-medium departments do not certify their proficiency at the end of the second year, they are expelled. Students who fail at the end of their first year and who cannot provide a document regarding their proficiency can make a written request and be placed in programs that are Turkish-medium equivalents of their departments according to the principles of Council of Higher Education (YÖK) by Measuring, Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) Ministry.


The Pass Grade of End of Year Proficiency Test (MUYYES-Spring)

MUYYES-Spring (June) assesses whether students have reached the expected level of proficiency. Only students whose average of scores throughout the academic year is 60 or above can take this exam. (Students whose average is below this level as a result of assessments completed within the academic year cannot take the exam. These students can attend summer school or take MUYYES-Fall exam which is administered in September.) In order to pass the MUYYES-Spring exam, students need to get a minimum of 60 out of 100 from the whole exam.


Education throughout the Academic Year, Grading and Assessment System

Important Note:  The prerequisite for being accepted to take MUYYES-Spring exam is to have an average of 60 from grades during the year. Students who do not fulfil their duties and responsibilities and who cannot show their success in exams and assessments throughout the year are definitely not accepted to MUYYES-Spring exam, and they are automatically deemed as having failed in preparatory school education.


Academic Staff

In our department, there are a total of 124 instructors comprising 1 English Unit Education Coordinator, 101 tenured, 8 foreign and 14 contracted instructors and instructors who are in charge of administration and education.

  • This year, in the English preparatory unit, nearly 1800 students are receiving their education in 78 classes.
  • Class size is between 20-25 students.

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