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French Preparatory School

The French Preparatory Department affiliated to Marmara University Foreign Language Preparatory School was established in order to teach French to the students who would study in Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Faculty of Political Sciences. In 1995 - 1996 Academic year, Atatürk Faculty of Education French Language Teaching students, and in 2006 - 2007 Academic year, students of Department of Translation and Interpreting in French at Faculty of Arts and Sciences were additionally included in the preparatory program.


The Objectives of the French Preparatory School

The objective of the French Preparatory School is to improve the students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in French and to teach them the language with its culture. Besides, it aims to improve learner’s foreign language ability and to enable her/him to adapt to the global world by supporting individual study. In order for the students to follow French-medium classes at their departments in the best way:

      • By supporting strategy and research skills, a process that emphasizes student responsibility while learning is followed.

     • Project and presentation techniques are guided and emphasized.

     • Technological resources are used in language teaching. (Moodle, audiovisual tools, etc.)


Academic Staff

In our department, there are 22 instructors comprising 1 French Unit Education Coordinator, 14 tenured, 5 foreign and 2 contracted instructors.



In our department, materials used are in accordance with European Common Language Criteria.

A1 level:       Alter Ego+ A1 (Hachette Publishing House)

A2 level:       Alter Ego+ A2 (Hachette Publishing House)

B1 level:       Alter Ego+ B1 (Hachette Publishing House)

B2.1 level:    Materials prepared in accordance with the level.




Progress Exams:

- Each semester, there are 2 progress exams consisting of "Reading", "Listening", "Writing" and "Speaking" sections. Make-up exam date of progress exams is specified in the academic calendar.


- In addition, each semester 1 progress exam score which consists of quizzes, writing workshops and projects is evaluated as the 3rd progress exam. There are no make-up exams for them.


MÜYYES (Proficiency) Exams

MÜYYES exam is conducted 4 times within an academic year. There is no right of a make-up exam for MÜYYES exams.


MÜYYES-Spring: All students who could not complete the preparatory program successfully in the previous education term and who fulfil the compulsory school attendance and have an average score of 60 or above within the academic year take MÜYYES-Spring exam.


MÜYYES-Summer: In case students who do not succeed in MÜYYES-Spring exam enrol in summer school and fulfil compulsory school attendance, they can take MÜYYES-Summer exam.


MÜYYES-Fall: At the beginning of academic year, before the lessons begin, students who want to be exempt from preparatory program take this exam. If students who have studied at preparatory school for a year and have failed also take MÜYYES-Fall (exemption) exam which is conducted at the beginning of the academic year and succeed in it, they can move on to their department. Besides, in case of getting a valid score from the French exam which is specified In the table below and has an international validity, the students is exempt from the preparatory class.



Proficiency (Exemption) Table

DELF B2 (50 points) Getting at least 10 points from each language skill.


MÜYYES-Winter: It is conducted on the given date in the academic calendar beforehand, in January. The information about the exam and its terms of attendance are given to the students at the orientation program which takes place at the beginning of the academic year. In addition, in case of getting a valid score from the exam which is specified in the table above and has an international validity, the student is considered to have completed the preparatory class. The decision regarding the admission of students who pass MÜYYES-Winter exam or who succeed in DELF B2 exam to their departments depends on the related faculty.



Absenteeism and Make-up

In preparatory classes, there is an obligation of attending 85% of the classes. Students whose absenteeism exceeds 15 % of total annual lesson hours can not attend classes and take exams. Students who do not take progress exams due to an excuse which is validated by the directorate of the School of Foreign Languages can take the make-up exam in case they report this situation to Students Affairs with the necessary document within 5 working days. There is no right of a make-up exam for MÜYYES exams.




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