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Progress Exams

Progress exams assess students’ improvement throughout the whole academic year. 4 progress exams aim to assess the four main language skills in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as well as academic objectives determined by Marmara University Preparatory School. Reading, writing, listening and grammar skills are measured on the same day in three sessions with a written exam, whereas speaking skills are measured with another exam in another session.

The reading comprehension part includes reading passages of varying lengths and topics which are suitable for the level. Students are expected to use appropriate reading skills and strategies which they have learned throughout the year to look for information and to understand various perspectives including implicit meaning (in more advanced levels). The reading comprehension test also includes grammar and vocabulary sections.

The writing section measures students’ ability to produce a written text on a given topic. Students are expected to write various text types from sentences to paragraphs as well as essays.

The listening section measures students’ ability to comprehend the content and necessary details of English conversations with normal or relatively faster speed according to students’ levels. This part includes various voice recordings of dialogues, monologues, lectures, and conference talks on social topics.

The speaking part measures students’ ability to communicate in their daily lives, to exchange information, to reach a consensus, to give a presentation or have a debate according to their levels. The aim of this test is to assess students’ abilities to comprehend various questions and answer these questions clearly and consistently, to start a conversation or to extend it, to express opinion or to exchange information in a constructive way.

Performance Portfolio (Equal to one progress exam in each term)

Besides 4 progress exams administered within the academic year, an additional assessment which consists of various studies, projects, in- or out-of-class assignments and quizzes is carried out for two semesters. All of these studies are called the “Performance Portfolio”. The Performance Portfolios which are completed in both semesters make up the 2 additional progress exams. This means that in- and out-of-class activities that are a part of the Performance Portfolio have an important role in the process of taking the final spring proficiency exam (MUYYES-Spring) and it constitutes nearly 33% of the yearly average.

The components of the Performance Portfolio are:

   1. Writing Tasks

As a part of the Performance Portfolio, students are required to complete writing tasks (according to their levels). These tasks are completed in accordance with the instructor’s directions with the help of course books and booklets prepared suitable for each level. The averages of writing tasks make up 40% of the Performance Portfolio and in this way Progress Exam III.

   2. Quizzes

Students take quizzes of various and/or integrated skills throughout the semester. Quizzes make up 40% of the Performance Portfolio and in this way Progress Exam III.

   3. Online Studies

All students are required to complete the relevant units of the online workbooks within the prescribed time, as set forth by their instructors. Students can log in to the online workbooks by registering on LMS (Learning Management System) and using their passwords. The password belongs to one student and is provided to the student with the course book purchased at the beginning of the academic year. Students can study individually and freely on the Moodle system as well. This system is open to use by all students of the preparatory school without any charge. The activities which are assessed automatically by the system are tracked by the instructors. The average of scores from online workbooks makes up 20% of the Performance Portfolio and in this way Progress Exam III.

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