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Dear instructors and students,

The main target of modern universities is to prepare students for life. The first step to achieve this is to enable students to acquire at least one foreign language as well as knowledge relating to their specific fields of study.

Marmara University School of Foreign Languages prepares students for their undergraduate studies in English / French / German-medium departments enabling them to develop their language skills during the course of one-year preparatory education. Moreover, it provides other departments with instructors for compulsory foreign language courses.

MU School of Foreign Languages has a qualified and experienced teaching staff. We currently offer German, French and English language education to our students. In line with the goal of further developing our relations with the neighboring countries, we also aim to offer education in particularly the languages of our neighbors.  For this purpose, we are planning to teach other languages like Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Armenian, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Russian at the Department of Modern Languages to be founded in the near future. We also focus on foreign language education via distance learning on the basis of modern information technology. Accordingly, we are working on developing the required technical and academic infrastructure in order to initiate the Marmara University Distance Language Education Program (MÜ-UZDEM), upon the completion of which a certificate will be awarded.

MU School of Foreign Languages offers its educational expertise not only to the students of our university but also to other learners of foreign languages. Thus, we organize and administer the foreign language courses offered within the context of MÜSEM programs. Intensive language courses are also offered as an integral part of the Academic Language Program (MU-ADP) for primarily MU academic staff. Likewise, TOEFL courses or YDS (Foreign Language Proficiency Test administered by ÖSYM)-specific courses are organized as specialized courses besides speaking classes geared towards improving fluency.

To conclude, as the Directorate of the MU School of Foreign Languages, we are fully aware of our mission to further improve the quality of foreign language education at our university and fulfill our responsibilities accordingly. With the continued support and dedicated efforts of our administrative and teaching staff, we pursue our goal of maintaining high quality in education.

Prof. Harun DUMAN


 MU School of Foreign Languages


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