Providing educational services to those who want to learn Turkish, MARMARA TOMER has been active within the scope of Marmara University School of Foreign Languages.  Language training is given particularly to the pupils, or employees coming to Turkey from different countries.  It is backed up by various departments of the university, as well as the experienced and qualified instructors working at the School of Foreign Languages. In accordance with the provisions of the ‘Marmara University Department of Foreign Languages Preparatory Examination Regulations’ published in the Official Gazzete dated June 8,1997 and 23013,   it is required to provide the lower level students with preparatory education by  the School of Foreign Languages. For that purpose,  proposal prepared by SFL on June 10, 2011 was discussed at the University Senate dated July 11, 2011 and the foundation of MARMARA-TOMER was approved at the meeting dated 2011/8.

Pupils from various countries of the world are accepted by Marmara University through MUYOS prepared in 2011.  The students who attend the exam and get C-Level mark can attend one-year long preparatory class if they want. The students who fail at  the university entrance exam or the ones who want to learn Turkish can also benefit from those Turkish  courses  given by MUSEM if they pay the required fee.



  • ·         The basic mission of MARMARA-TOMER  is to provide the ones who want to learn Turkish  with the best and most appropriate opportunities
  • ·         It backs up the expansion of Turkish Language with the experienced staff in teaching foreign languages
  • ·         To help the ones who want to learn Turkish through its own sources and supportive materials.



  • ·        To conduct studies to help the wider audience learn Turkish by taking the advantage of technological facilities.
  • ·        To increase efficiency of TOMER through short, mid, and long term studies.
  • ·        To support the learners who do learn Turkish not only as a written or spoken language, but also as a language of culture.
  • ·        To produce materials and sources for the MARMARA-TOMER Virtual Language School Project which will be active on virtual environment, and provide them when asked.


  • ·         To avoid any concessions of quality education
  • ·         To provide a peaceful teaching and learning environment
  • ·         To strengthen institutional identity
  • ·         To increase the esteem of Marmara University
  • ·         To improve collaboration with stakeholders
  • ·         To provide both rational and professional solutions to possible problems
  • ·         To plan ‘future’ by taking new horizons into consideration.
  • ·         To be able to get a privileged position among similar institutions.
  • ·         To serve the community in the light of humanistic values

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